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Please find all of the forms necessary to apply for retirement.

All forms may be found on the Maryland State Retirement and Pension System  website @ http://www.sra.state.md.us/.

1.     You must make an appointment with the Human Resources Department (410.778.7135) to complete these required forms.  

Form 9 is the first form to complete.  This form allows you to receive an estimate of your retirement proceeds based upon your retirement date (usually the first of the month of planned retirement).   

Form 013/023 is completed once you’ve selected a retirement option.  Complete pages

1 – 3 and return it to the Human Resources.  Page two is to be notarized (the Central Office can notarize it for you).  Form 013 is your application for retirement.  It is the only way SRPS knows you intend to retire.

 Form 85 you complete the left side and your financial institution completes the right side.  This form is used to activate direct deposit.  SRPS doesn’t issue pension checks.

Complete Form 766 to determine how much you want withdrawn from your monthly pension payment for Federal and Maryland State Tax purposes.

Read and sign Form 127.  This form concerns your reemployment after retirement.

You need to retain a copy of Form 4 in the event you elect to change your beneficiary.

2.     If you are interested in continuing your health care and/or life insurance coverage, please set an appointment to meet with Human Resources to discuss your options.  These benefits are Kent County benefits not associated with SRPS or other State benefits.

3.     Your basic life insurance of $35,000, as well as any supplemental life insurance you have elected, may be converted to an individual insurance through Prudential.  You are responsible for the premium.  Within 30 days of your retirement, all appropriate forms must be completed in order to continue your life insurance election through Prudential: These forms will be distributed to you from Human Resources.

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